What is Utility Shield?

As a result of the success of Utility Mapping and Vacuum Excavation to accurately locate and
map the presence of utilies the number of utility strikes by excavators etc were significantly reduced.
However, whilst now significantly reduced, utility strikes remain a risk with the potential to cause serious injury, expensive damage and repair costs and delays to work schedules.

Utility Shield is an advancement upon the protection provided by Utility Mapping and has been developed to be used in direct conjunction
with the Mapping data.

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What is Personnel Shield?

Every year more than 5000 people are killed in workplace accidents in the EU, of which about a third are related to transport.
These accidents usually involve people:

  • being struck or run over bu moving vehicles
  • falling from vehicles
  • being struck by objects falling from vehicles
  • vehicles overturning

These accidents can be avoided by effective management and prevention measures.

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Cycle Safety Shield

Due to the recent rise in accidents and deaths on UK roads and especially busy cities like London, we have created Cycle Safety Shield. A lot of the accidents that have occurred are as a result of the large vehicles turning left into a side road and have hit a cyclist as they are in their blind spot. Working with Transport of London (TFL), we have created a safety system that will alert drivers when cyclists and pedestrians are encroaching into one of their danger zones.
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