Protecting the workforce from collisions with construction plant.

In 2016/2017, a total of 137 workers were killed at work and an estimated 609,000 workers suffered non-fatal injuries as a result of work activity. A high percentage of these injuries were caused by moving vehicles/objects, contact with moving machinery. These figures remain similar year on year despite better safety knowledge.              

Health and Safety is paramount in every working environment, particular where industrial vehicles, plant, machinery and personnel are in close proximity to each other. Personnel Safety Shield protects the workforce by alerting them when danger is in proximity of personnel.

Personnel Safety Shield utilises unique state of the art intelligent cameras to detect the presence of personnel within a pre-set distance of the plant vehicle.



About the system

The Personnel Safety Shield system is the worlds most advanced collision avoidance system available for plant and machinery.

The system has been developed to meet the demanding needs of plant operators by reducing driver distraction and providing them with the ultimate protection and monitoring aid. Unlike other detection systems available that will detect all objects and start to distract the operator, personnel safety shield uses intelligent smart cameras that will only detect people and monitor their movements around the plant up to thirty meters away.

A danger zone can be set on each camera using the remote control and although the system continuously monitors all pedestrians around the plant, the system will only alarm when a pedestrian moves into the danger zone of any camera. Visual and audio alarms warn the operator and external alarms warn the person entering the danger zone. There is also the option of an in cab monitor that will display the image of the detected person and show the operator the position in relation to the plant.

The second option for full protection of collision is to disable the plant if a pedestrian is detected in the danger zone. This option would not suit every site environment but would give the ultimate protection in narrow sites where people/plant interface is a problem. Each camera fully records and can also be integrated with existing telematics and plant management systems for full data and video capture.


installation options

Personnel Safety Shield 8 Camera System.png
Personnel Safety Shield - 4 Camera System.png



• Detection and Collision avoidance camera system

• Detects pedestrians only

• Full video recording onto SD card

• Includes beacon, keybox, siren

• Optional visual displays


The system is fitted and strategically placed with either 6 or 8 cameras depending on the size of the plant vehicle. The robust camera housing has been designed to withstand all weather conditions that it may encounter making the system suitable for harsh site environments.