The Safety Shield advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) was developed to enhance vehicle safety and improve driver behaviour. The system uses an intelligent mono camera to monitor road conditions ahead and calculates if there are any potential collisions or lane departures through computer based detection algorithms.

Safety Shield ADAS system consists of a strategically placed single forward-facing vision sensor which acts as a driver’s third eye, constantly monitoring the dynamic driving environment and providing drivers the following real-time visual and audible alerts as the risk of an imminent collision increases.

The Safety Shield ADAS system consists of the following features as standard:

Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning -

Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users, and are less likely to be identified by drivers. Safety Shield ADAS scans the road in front of the vehicle and will alert the driver, with visual and audio warning before imminent collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcycle. 

Lane Departure Warning -

Careless lane departures can cause serious accidents, particularly when a driver moves out without indicating. So to prevent collisions, the Safety Shield ADAS system can read road markings and detect when a vehicle changes lanes without the driver indicating. By sounding an alarm and providing a visual prompt, the system can help focus the driver’s attention on the manoeuvre and ensure they alert other road users of their intentions. 

Forward Collision Warning -

To prevent forward collisions in both urban, motorway and all other environments, the Safety Shield ADAS system constantly scans the front of the vehicle to detect anything that may be in its path, including Pedestrians and cyclists. If anything is detected and a collision is imminent, the system visually and audibly warns the driver. 

Headway Monitoring Warning –

This feature helps drivers maintain a safe distance between them and the vehicle in front. Because if the vehicle ahead suddenly brakes, it’s vital that there’s enough of a gap to be able to safely slow down or, if necessary, stop. As well as providing a precise indication of the required stopping distance, the system also gives a visual and audible warning when the gap between vehicles becomes unsafe. 

Speed Limit Warning -

Regardless of what roads they are travelling on, the system keeps driver informed of the maximum speed limit that applies and alerts them should this be exceeded. 

can be used in conjunction with

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Turn Alarm
  • Fleet Management